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Banner Bags has a simple mission of educating high school students on how they can be more environmentally friendly. The program takes used banners from different companies and cities that would otherwise go into a landfill and brings them to high school sewing classes to be made into bags. In other words, we are turning something of no value into something of value. There is also a short classroom presentation that is delivered before the bags are made to teach the students about environmental sustainability and about the difference each bag is making. The students can then choose to keep the bags or fundraise to make money to donate to a non-profit of their choice.


The annual Go Green Challenge is the newest component to the program and is open to all high school students. The Go Green Challenge encourages high school students to work in groups to initiate a project that upcycles waste in their community into new products. Not only do high school students apply the knowledge they have learned in the classroom presentations to better their communities, but they also gain invaluable teamwork and communication skills through the process.

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